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How To Use Catalogue

Anyone can browse the AERO catalogue, however, to make a request you must be an approved advisor.

Only registered and approved school advisors can order material from AERO. Please visit How to apply for more information on becoming a registered school advisor or for additional information about AERO.

To search the catalogue you must first choose request item Browse Catalogue. Do not select request course pack/article. This is only for Post Secondary advisors ordering a course pack for a post secondary student.

Once within the "Browse Catalogue" screen, you can search using a variety of search field options.

It is not necessary to fill out all of the fields when searching for a title.

It is recommended that you use the ISBN field only when searching for a school textbook.

For Novels: Title and author search is the preferred search method. If the first search method is not successful, use another search option (i.e. author surname, if using both surname and first name)

Note: Please do not use a comma between names.

Remember to clear your search fields after every search.

If a title is available for download, there will be a download icon to the right of the title line. Downloading is encouraged as material can be received immediately.

Always download material if it is available for download rather than request a physical copy.

A download copy is faster, easier and better for the environment (downloading eliminates the need to ship material and have material returned).