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Alternate Formats Information Table


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The table below is designed to provide a brief definition of the alternate formats and the resources and skill sets required to use the alternate formats provided by AERO.

Please remember that it takes time to learn (develop skill sets) how to use certain formats once the resource is acquired.

Alternate Formats Information Table

Format Definition Resources Required Skill Sets
Braille A tactile system of cells and dots. None Ability to read uncontracted or contracted Braille
DAISY Digital Audio DAISY standard (Digital Accessible Information Systems). Distributed on CD with human voice narration. Navigational features based on book structure. This format includes ability to find and go to specific chapters and pages. DAISY specific portable equipment a hardware player. Downloadable DAISY software Ability to operate:
DAISY specific portable equipment
Downloadable DAISY software
Digital Audio CD MP3 format, with human voice, no navigational features. Movement from file to file is possible. These files can be played on any MP3 enabled device (hardware and/or software). Computer or Mp3 player Ability to use Computer or Mp3 player
Electronic Text RTF. or WORD Format Word processing files can be used with screen voice readers, such as JAWS, to read print materials using a computer. Computer
Word Processor
Screen reader
Ability to operate:
Word Processor
Screen Reader
Electronic text (PDF) format Produced by Adobe Systems, Portable Document Format (PDF) allows documents to appear on the computer just as they would in print. Computer
Adobe/Premier Screen Reader
Ability to operate:
Adobe Screen Reader
Electronic text (KESI) format Kurzweil is a reading, writing and study skills software. Allows documents to appear on the computer just as they would in print. Computer
Kurzweil 1000/3000
Ability to operate Computer & Kurzweil software
Large Print Print enlargement on paper. None Ability to Read